Limelights: An Audio-Guided installation

Limelights: An Audio-Guided installation

Friday, April 30, 2021, 1:00 pm until 7:00 pm
Created with support from FRCPS **PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN HEADPHONES**

This is a capstone project created by Four Rivers Charter Public School Senior, Fiona Bird. This production is supported by the Four Rivers Charter School. RUNTIME: 35 Minutes PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN HEADPHONES

In LIMELIGHTS, the Shea Theater becomes a time machine into a future free of oppression.

You will be taken on a COVID-safe, audio-guided walking tour of the Shea while exploring the different ways theater exists in a future without prisons, without war, and so on. Guided by the voices of Shea performers yet-to-come, you will collect the stories and prophecies of five unique worlds, each of which represents a different aspect of social justice. Limelights is a colorful, ethereal, and provocative journey showcasing theater’s power to shape the future into one that we desire to live in.


PLEASE NOTE WE WILL BE STAGGERING ENTRANCE TIMES FOR SOCIAL DISTANCING. Tickets are extremely limited! For example, a 3:00 ticket will mean your entrance takes place between 3 and 3:30. A 4:00 ticket will mean a 4:00-4:30 start time, etc.

Any audience member on site at the Shea Theater will be asked to sign a release waiver. A parental signature will be required for participants under the age of 18. A virtual version of the show is accesible by donation to the theater for those unable to attend on site. Please visit our donation page and leave a note in the memo and you will be given access through e-mail. Please reach out to with any questions.

Proceeds benefit the Shea Theater. Please consider donating to the arts.


The COVID-safety details of Limelights:

While we do ask that everyone fill out a form agreeing that they understand this risk, we have taken every precaution possible to eliminate that risk and make the show totally safe for the public to attend. Precautions are as follows:

- The show is an entirely individualized audio experience. For the majority of the show, you will be completely alone in a room, in a different part of the theater than other audience members.

- When walking from one room to another, we have a crew member to ensure that no one gets within 6 feet of another audience member in the event that a space is shared.

- We will open windows and doors to keep these potentially shared spaces well-ventilated.

- There will be no more than 6 audience members in the building at a time.

- There will be hand sanitizer available frequently throughout the show, and the audience members will not be asked to touch any shared objects.

- The show runs about 35 minutes to minimize time spent indoors.

- There are NO LIVE ACTORS in this show, only two or three vaccinated crew members to keep things running smoothly.

- Masks will be kept on through the entirety of the show.

To avoid shared equipment, we ask that the audience members bring:
-A pair of working headphones or earbuds

-Their mobile device to use during the tour

-The signed safety waver (students under 18 will need a parent signature)

If you don't feel safe attending the actual show or are unable to take the walking tour, but would still like to experience its story, we will provide a link to a virtual audio experience upon purchase of your ticket so you can experience the show from your own home.

FRIDAY, April 30th

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Special thanks to the Mass Cultural Council for their vital support this year in the form of a Cultural Sector Recovery Grant for Organizations, as well as a Festivals & Projects Grant. We'd also like to thank the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts for their support in the form of a Flexible Funding grant. We couldn't do this work without you!