Shea Presents: CINEMASTORM

Shea Presents: CINEMASTORM

Saturday, September 10, 2022, 7:30 pm until 11:00 pm
There will be flicks. There will be beer. There will be trivia. It's FREE. What more do you want?!

CinemaStorm returns on Saturday, September 10th! The double feature theme this time around is TWISTED METAL, featuring Sorcerer and Fuel!

William Friedkin’s heart-stopping 1977 thriller SORCERER starring Roy Scheider finds four outcasts from different corners of the world thrust into extreme danger. Their assignment: transport a highly unstable truckload of nitroglycerin 200 miles into the South American jungle to cap a raging oil fire.

Steven Spielberg’s 1971 debut film DUEL is a masterful exercise in tension and terror. The original road-rage classic stars Dennis Weaver as a mild-mannered businessman terrorized on a lone desert highway by the unseen driver of a Peterbilt 281 tanker truck. Written by ‘Twilight Zone’ scribe Richard Matheson.

There will be free flicks! There will be trivia! There will be beer! Come join the cinephile fun!

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