NERO Open Reading: Amy Beach’s Gaelic Symphony

NERO Open Reading: Amy Beach’s Gaelic Symphony

Thursday, November 10, 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm
The first OPEN READING session as NERO welcomes our community to journey with them to bring these works to life

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Pay-what-you-can! A suggested $5.00 minimum donation.

JOIN the New England Repertory Orchestra in a deeper way, by coming in and observing the magic of the rehearsal process. Witness the liveliness and camaraderie of our wonderful musicians, and engage with us during the rehearsal breaks and after the session. There will also be a time for a Q and A with ourArtistic Director, Cailin Marcel Manson, at the close of the session. NERO is preparing Amy Beach’s Gaelic Symphony – the first symphonic piece by a woman to be performed by a major American orchestra – for a March 2023 concert at the world-renowned Mechanics Hall in Worcester, MA.

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