Urgent Message Music Launch Party!

Urgent Message Music Launch Party!

Saturday, February 25, 6:00 pm until 12:00 am
We're celebrating the launch of Urgent Message Music with this crazy lineup: Horse Jumper of Love, They Are Gutting, A Body of Water, Computerwife, Robber Robber, Pet Fox, and Dari Bay ! Get after it!

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Saturday, February 25th

Shea Theater

Turners Falls

Doors: 5.30

Show 6:00 PM - 12

$18 ADV / $22 Door

Horse Jumper of Love

Horse Jumper of Love’s music was praised by Stereogum as a “delightfully distorted mess of energy,” the band’s sound is absorbing and urgently hypnotic, with songs that develop at a glacial pace, progressing forward with almost imperceptible momentum to carve deep canyons and valleys through walls of solid rock.
They Are Gutting A Body Of Water (TAGABOW)
Cryptic lyrics, shadowy shoegaze, and a crushing sadness are elements of They Are Gutting A Body Of Water, the fascinating Philly experimental indie outfit. “I’m big on things being really strange and mysterious to the point where it doesn’t exactly make sense in a literal way,” TAGABOW said in an interview. “Sometimes a song means something, or sometimes it means nothing at all. Sometimes it’s just bullshit.”
Computerwife is the alternative solo project of NYC-based musician Addie Warncke. A little chaotic, a little silly, and always very sensitive, Computerwife absorbs the city as it affects memories of home and spits it back out onto her songs and productions about her experiences with change.
Robber Robber
Burlington VT’s Robber Robber (fka Guy Ferrari) are purveyors of slimy, cerebral post-gunk, soaked in the deadliest poisons and deep fried in diesel fuel. The bass is like a broken transmission, the guitars like a bucket of loose bolts, the drums ready to rattle the lugs right off the hub. Pair that with scorching vocal delivery, and you’ve got the whole bitch.


Pet Fox
Pet Fox is a Boston indie rock trio lineup has logged time in bands Ovlov and Palehound. Their third full-length, A Face In Your Life's lead single “Checked Out” says Theo Harlett:
"Is roughly about living in a capitalist society, where people are so willing to help out so long as they can benefit from it. The idea of “checked off, checked out” is that someone can quite literally have a checklist that, once fulfilled, they can disregard and “check out,” so to speak. There are so many people that do not give a damn about you until they realize that you hold some sort of worth that is valuable or cool to them."

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