Eggtooth Productions Presents: Match Game 413 ROUND 2

Monday, May 22, 2017, 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm
$10.00 tickets at door. Doors and Bar open at 6:00 PM.



Remember how much you loved the Match Game in the 70s? It's even more fun now! And you can see it live on stage at the Shea Theater! Contestants match wits with six local panelists to supply the missing word in a phrase or sentence presented by the host. Winners advance to the Super Match round, going head-to-head with panelists to "fill in the blank" and try to win their game -- and a prize from a local business! Match Game tends to get bawdy, with double entendres, innuendo and risque humor. Leave the kids at home because it's guaranteed to get filthy!


The Shea Theater's bar opens an hour before the show starts, so come early and enjoy adult beverages! Lubricate your funny bone and then sit back and enjoy the [blank].


What happens at the Shea, stays at the Shea!

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