The Great Falls Word Festival

The Great Falls Word Festival

Saturday, November 10, 2018, 1:00 pm until 10:00 pm
Presented by Human Error Publishing and Turners Falls RiverCulture


The Shea Theater will be the main venue this year.

There will be two venues at the Shea Theater, the main stage and the downstaris lobby will also be a reading venue.

The Schedule is still in process, this is basic structure

Thursday November 8th

Everything is at the Shea Theater 1:00 to 5:00 - There will be an open mic, the opening of the book store, and a chance to talk Poetry, share your words, have some coffee or tea! First Show 6:45 pm

The Mole: 5 Minute True Stories & not completely true stories

Featuring: Dina Stander Susan Cocalis Joshua Michael Stewart Alison Murchie Marian Kelner Amie Hyson Eve Brown-Waite Doug Anderson Paul Richmond Second Show 8:30 pm: “Do It Now” - Words and Music with Paul Richmond, John Sheldon, Tony Vacca and Jo Sallins

Friday November 9th

6:45 to 7:50 Main Stage Exploded View

Performances by: Trish Crapo Edite Cunhã Candace Curran Nina Rossi Samantha Wood This latest performance work crosses lines in DeadLines, asking, “How well do you really know the people you love?” and, “What will make it into your obit?” Their work is site specific and always evolving. Join them in a talk-back following the performance.

Taking a Stand: Poetry of Resistance 8:30

Performances by: Amy Dryansky Rebecca Olander Sarah Sousa Karen Skolfield Yasotha Sriharan James Paul Wagner Anita Gallers Howie Faerstein Kate Rex David C Johnson Roger West

6:45 Down Stairs Reading

Voices From Inside Voices Carry! (A program of Voices From Inside) We are women who have been incarcerated, are in recovery, and have contended with mental health problems. We have found our voice through writing. Come hear our work and listen with an open heart.

7:45 to 8:30 Slate Roof Press Richard Wollman Anna M. Warrock Amanda Lou Doster Janet MacFadyen

Saturday November 10th

Main Stage Noon to 5:00

Noon Alison Murchie Jon Wesick Jovanna Van Pelt Mark Hart D. O. Rick Marsh Brett Axel Deborah Young Rolski

1:00 Naugatuck River Review Lori Desrosiers Gail Thomas Joshua Michael Stewart Gerald Yelle Janet Bowdan Lawrence O’Brien

2:00 Meat for Tea Elizabeth Macduffie Richard Wayne Horton Amy Laprade TBA Donald Fisher


Noon to 5:00 Noon Open Mic
1:00 Open Mic
2:00 “SOUP” (Some Of Us Poets) Gail Thomas Mary Clare Powell Sally Bellerose Ellen LaFleche Michael Goldman Becky Jones

3:00 Main Stage Straw Dog Writers Cynthia Suopis Theresa Vincent Deborah Dill Christine Ann Pratt Eileen P Kennedy Nina Gross Jan Maher FD Kindness
4:00 The Cloud Saddle Writers Janice Sorensen Dennis Piana Susan Middleton Andrea Bernard Bri Leue Rachel Riverwood

3:00 - Open Mic
4:00 Readings from Novels Jan Maher Amy Laprade Alan Harris Wesley Blixt Brian Adams

6:45- Open Mic

Main Stage

6:45 to 8:00 Eric Wasileski Jovonna Van Pelt Stephen Billias Brett Axel James Smethurst Jon Wesick Debbie T Kilday Colin Haskins

8:30 - Main Stage Cindy Markevich Kate Rex TommyTwitlite Roger West Dina Stander Jack Golden MorningStar Chenveng Joshua Michael Stewart Doug Anderson Tony Vacca Paul Richmond

Sunday November 11th

Main Stage 1 to 5 1:00 “The Long Way Home”

Ron Whittle Paul Szlosek Terry S Johnson Doug Anderson Preston Hood

2:00 WellDoneWriters

Ellen Blanchette Dr. Jonathan Shay Ted Scott Marty Glaser Janet Keyes Florence Stahl Alice Thomas

3:00 Jan Maher Kate Rex Roger West James Smethurst Lori Lamothe David Wyman Lawrence Darren Green

4:00 Ernie Brill Molly Scott The Bread is Rising Poetry Collective Carlos Raúl Dufflar, Willie Velazquez Angel Martinez

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors and Underwriters

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Special thanks to the Mass Cultural Council for their vital support this year in the form of a Cultural Sector Recovery Grant for Organizations, as well as a Festivals & Projects Grant. We'd also like to thank the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts for their support in the form of a Flexible Funding grant. We couldn't do this work without you!