The Voo and Autonomous Battleship Collective Present

Major Stars (Boston)

Bhajan Bhoy (Amsterdam Netherlands)

Jeffrey Alexander + The Heavy Lidders (Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Thursday October 5th

$15.00 ADV / $20 DOOR

Major Stars is the longstanding heavy psych rock project led by guitarists Wayne Rogers and Kate Biggar. A Boston institution for more than 25 years, the sextet brings the unabashed sonic ramalama of bands like the MC5 and Hawkwind into the 21st century with enough sheets of feedback squall and white noise laid on top to keep the gods of Japanese noise-rock smiling down from White Heaven...With more than a dozen albums on labels like Important, Drag City, and their own Twisted Village, Major Stars remain a perennially reassuring presence on an ever changing noise rock landscape. Their legendary slash and burn performances remain as potent as ever.

Review of their most recent album here:


Bhajan Bhoy is the latest project of the legendary Ajay Saggar. Former member of 80s and 90s bands like Donkey and Dandelion Adventure, sound engineer for Dinosaur Jr, My Bloody Valentine, Animal Collective ... currently the Production Manager at Paradiso.

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New LPs on Cardinal Fuzz / Feeding Tube:

Drawing from a deep well of psychedelia, Bhajan Bhoy further shifts the parameters of the genre with a beautiful and meditative set of tracks.

Jeffrey Alexander + The Heavy Lidders takes the freaked improvisation of Alexander’s instrumental band - DWLVS / Dire Wolves - into the world of song. Heady songwriting, ethereal jazz and Trad Gras-y blues stomps all feature. Backed by members of Elkhorn and Kohoutek.

Press kit and hi-res images here:

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Aquarium Drunkard interview and 30 minute live Heavy Lidders video:

New LP on Arrowhawk Records due in September 2023 - produced by Chris Forsyth and featuring guests from Movietone, Animal Collective.