CouchMusic Presents: Eric Lee and Ursula Elmes

CouchMusic Presents: Eric Lee and Ursula Elmes

Thursday, November 19, 2020, 7:00 pm until 8:00 pm
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CouchMusic.Live presents multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Eric Lee for a socially distanced livestream event.

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CouchMusic.Live presents multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Eric Lee with special guest songwriter Ursula Elmes for a socially distanced livestream event.

CouchMusic.Live Presents:

Eric Lee w/s/g Ursula Elmes LIVE from The Shea (Livestream)

THU ~ 19 November

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A masterful and engaging multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Eric Lee combines poetic lyrics with a singular melodic sense that are strongly rooted in the folk and bluegrass traditions. For being still in his twenties, he has achieved experience beyond his years, drawing from years accompanying such notable artists that include Eric Andersen, Peter Rowan, and The Kennedy’s. As a member of the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival house band, Eric has sat in with numerous acts and artists from around the country. Locally, he has performed live and on recordings of Valley artists including the Boxcar Lillies, Mikey Sweet, and The Nields, to name a few.

Having released his self-titled EP in 2015, Eric recently finished production of his first full-length album, Heartache Town. Exceptional performances compliment Lee’s compelling and honest vocal delivery, as the graceful harmonies of renowned singer Tracy Grammer and the pristine mandolin of 5-time IBMA Mandolinist of the Year Jesse Brock (The Gibson Brothers) shine over the powerful and dynamic rhythm section comprised of seasoned talents Jim Henry (electric guitar), Paul Kochanski (bass), and J.J. O’Connell (drums).

On stage, Eric Lee carries himself with assurance and ease, and tells stories both unique and relatable, and often comical. Whether solo or accompanied, Lee’s performances set a bar of unique musicality that draws deeply from decades of study and experience, and will continue to do so for years to come.


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Raised in the foothills of the Berkshires, Ursula Elmes was born to two incredible long-time musicians. With her mother’s voice and her father’s knack for clever songwriting, Ursula draws inspiration from all types of music- soul, folk, rock, blues, jazz, country, and whatever else sounds good to her. Hope you like Dad jokes- Ursula won’t let you down in that regard! With an appreciation for humor and genuine music that touches people, Ursula’s raw talent and charisma will capture your attention and help you feel all the feelings. She writes from her feelings, because she says “in a world of lies, feelings are the only things you know are true in that moment”.


The Shea is a theater which keeps reinventing itself. Established in 1927 by Denis Shea, this up-to-date movie theater was designed in the "Spanish" style so popular in the Hollywood of the twenties. That time is still vivid in the minds of some Turners Falls residents as a time of five cent matinees, movie serials and (in the thirties) dish nights, when you could see a movie and add a piece of "Depression Glass" or china to your table setting. Nowadays, The Shea provides performance space for a variety of attractions designed to appeal to the widest range of tastes. Musical offerings include folk, pop, rock, swing, jazz, country and traditional. Theatrical productions encompass musical comedy, drama, comedy, and political satire. In addition, audiences can take advantage of magic shows, children's shows and silent film revivals.

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