CANCELLED. Karen Tatro Presents: Into the Light -- CANCELLED

CANCELLED. Karen Tatro Presents: Into the Light

Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm
This event has been cancelled due to impending weather conditions. Please stay tuned for a rescheduled date. For refunds, please go to

Join Karen Tatro and Robert Neal Marshall as they take you on a journey! Karen's work as a medium has led her to many realizations about the afterlife and the journey of our spirit. Her insight and wisdom has been a calling for years to share this knowledge and insight with all of us. Her belief that we all are spiritual beings living a human life and how we live in our physical life greatly affects our journey in the afterlife had inspired her to share this insight with her good friend and as often stated, "the nearly dead guy", by Robert Neal Marshall himself.

Karen met Robert after conversations about a case she has worked on in her home town, drawing a lot of attention into the potential of filming a TV show that touches more on the humanity of the spirits residing in a location, than the paranormal ghost flare. An NBC Camera/Film Director reached out to Karen and Robert to come together for this insightful look into Paranormal, Spirituality and the Near Death Experience.

The case was incredibly insightful and powerful. Often those of us don't ever really ponder the story of the "ghost" in a location, the reality of their human life and what led them to be still lingering. Karen often describes herself as helping assist spirits who linger to the door or as many may describe as; the Light, while Robert Neal Marshall is a man who had gone through that door, only to get a glimpse of the magnificent journey our spirit takes back to our source. His Near Death Experience has led him on a path of sharing his insight and wisdom of living a fuller existence with a higher understanding of life and death.

Robert and Karen are inviting you to join them for this intimate conversation. You will be inspired!!

Robert Neal Marshall

Robert is an experienced filmmaker/actor/writer and a Near Death Survivor.

?On August 3, 2013 a plaque rupture caused a 100% blockage of his Left Anterior Descending artery (LAD). As a result, his heart went into ventricular fibrillation (also known as the “Widow Maker”), a serious cardiac disturbance where the lower chambers quiver and the heart can no longer pump blood, causing cardiac arrest. By providential fate he was in an ambulance at the time of this attack. Paramedics shocked him to break the deadly rhythm, at which point he flat lined and CPR was applied. Clinically dead for a minute and a half before being resuscitated, Robert maintained detailed awareness in another state of conscious existence. Coping with more questions than answers, Robert struggled to make sense out of the experience that resulted in profound changes to his life and psyche. Working with another Near Death Survivor, Yvonne Sneeden, Robert co-produced and Directed a documentary film “Back From The Light” which explores the complicated after effects of surviving an NDE. It has become a personal pursuit for Robert to offer support and to reach out to others who are searching for answers. His autobiographical book “Providence of the Heart”, which shares intimate details of his journey, will be released on Amazon and Amazon Prime later in 2018.

Karen Tatro Spirit Medium

Karen Tatro lives in NH with her husband Steve and children, Nicole and Garrett. From the time she was a small child, Karen has had a deep connection with the spirit world. She could see, hear and feel the presence of spirits and knew that, beyond her intellect; the Divine Spirit world existed and was all around. Growing up as a sensitive, she often describes her life as having, "one foot on Earth and one in the Clouds". Karen embraces and shares her abilities with people for the purpose of inspiration, wisdom, education, and healing. Tatro's credentials and abilities in the paranormal field have leaded her to appear on two national TV shows dealing with paranormal content: Syfy Channel's Ghost Hunters TAPS, and The Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story. WMUR Channel 9 news recently interviewed and filmed Karen while she and her partner Brian Cano of Haunted Collector investigated the Ellacoya Country Store in Gilford, NH in 2014. She has also been featured on several New Hampshire radio stations, including WOKQ 95.7 where she was interviewed regarding her involvement with the famously “caught on video” ghost at the small Gilford store.
Tatro is also a published author of a children's book, “I’m A Super Hero ~ I’m not Afraid of Ghosts!” It is a wonderful book for families who have children of all ages that are sensitive and afraid of their bedrooms at night; afraid of ghosts and things they might sense but cannot see or quite understand.

She is a paranormal & Spiritual Event Host for the general public, which allows them to explore these amazing locations and their own intuitive abilities and interests in the paranormal field. She also travels through out the NH, and Southern MA holding private mediumship galleries in private homes for a small gathering of guests. She has an office in Keene NH for personal readings, workshops and gatherings for the general public.

Karen is currently working on a TV Pilot with an NBC producer featuring her work as a medium.

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