Judge John Hodgman: Live Justice

Judge John Hodgman: Live Justice

Saturday, September 17, 2016, 8:00 pm
SOLD OUT. Doors open at 7:30 pm.

JUDGE JOHN HODGMAN and BAILIFF JESSE THORN are riding the circuit to bring LIVE JUSTICE to a stage near you.

Direct from JUDGE JOHN HODGMAN PODCAST (named FIFTEENTH in Rolling Stone’s top 20 comedy podcasts!), Judge Hodgman and Bailiff Thorn are bringing their mix of non-swearing comedy, pop culture obsession, and sheer, unadulterated FAKE LEGAL WISDOM to the stage. 

Along with surprises, special guests, and live justice lightning rounds, each show will feature a number of live hearings between people in YOUR TOWN. Judge Hodgman will listen to both sides and then tell them WHO IS RIGHT and WHO IS WRONG. 

Previous disputes have included:

  • is a hot dog a sandwich?
  • when is it may someone else’s Chinese food be legally considered abandoned property? 
  • is it OK to rifle through the trash for prize coupons in a Canadian pizza parlor?
  • will you order my mom to buy me a motorcycle and a vape pen?

If you have a long-simmering fight with a friend or loved one that you’d finally like resolved, submit your case to maximumfun.org/jjho and specify that you wish to be heard LIVE ON STAGE and tell us where you live. If we pick your case, YOU GET IN FREE.

Or, just shut your pie hole and come and enjoy this very rare live tour of JUDGE JOHN HODGMAN: LIVE JUSTICE. 

John and Jesse will be meeting and greeting you all after the show. 

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