The Suitcase Junket is coming to the Shea!

Check out this article in the Valley Advocate about the Suitcase Junket. His new album PILE DRIVER will be released this Friday 4/21 at the Shea!

One-man band plays blues, rock, and folk on improvised instruments

Some of us spend our days sitting at computers in nondescript rooms. In the new, handmade music video for his love song “Beta Star,” Matt Lorenz gives that a shot. He wakes up in the morning, washes his face, twizzles his long mustache into shape, puts on a tie, grabs a coffee, and sits down to type.

It doesn’t go well.

In his mind, he’s wearing a tutu and romping around with his dog Scribner. Those fast-cut dance sequences play under growling electric guitar, whistles, and a harmonic, wailing chorus about coming home, reconnecting, and waking up together.

Posted: to General News on Tue, Apr 18, 2017
Updated: Tue, Oct 24, 2017